CaDD PC99 Suite order information
Updated 20170101


CaDD PC99 Suite is supplied on:

Order form

Please supply me with 1 copy of CaDD PC99 Sute

Check one only
I want CaDD PC99 Suite delivered on DVD. $49.00
I want CaDD PC99 Suite delivered on a USB Flash Drive. $54.00

Check as appropriate
I live outside the US and Canada. $10.00
I no longer have a TI system or a PC with a COM port and do not need the TI 5.25" diskette. ---
I want you to include the 5.25" TI diskette, since I still have a TI system with RS232 Card, Expansion Memory, and TI XB or E/A, and a PC with a serial port or COM->USB port. The diskette can be ordered later at no charge if circumstances change. ---
I meet all the requirements immediately above, but my TI system only has a SSSD drive. Please split the 5.25" diskette into two SSSD diskettes. $10.00

Amount enclosed


Please complete and mail with payment to:

     CaDD Electronics
     45 Centerville Drive
     Salem, NH 03079-2674

Payment method

Form of payment: CaDD accepts personal checks from existing customers. For such personal checks we usually ship next day. For all other orders, please pay by money order in US dollars.

Electronic payment: We regret that we do not accept PayPal or credit cards. The size of our "business" and the cost of the overhead make the use of these uneconomic.

Orders from outside the United States: Most customers send us a bank draft. This can usually be purchased from one of the larger banks in your country. Your bank will have an arrangement with a US bank, which forwards us the draft. Some Australian customers have purchased money orders through the Australian Post Office. Some European customers use Giro.

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