PC99 Add-Ons
Updated 20140928

Note: CaDD Electronics offers the following for information only. CaDD does not endorse nor support any specific add-on for PC99. If you have questions about the use of an add-on with PC99, please contact the vendor or supplier directly.

Front-End Menu System

A front-end menu system for PC99 which runs under DOS, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, and probably NT if you run PC99 in NT.

Written in Demon Quickbasic. All files can be in the main PC99 directory and assume disks are in the \PC99\DSK directory.

The program reads the PC99.MOD file to construct a multi-page menu structure, from which selections can be made using: Edit keys (arrow keys, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Control Home). Mouse (single click select, double click run). Numeric entry.

The PC99.MOD file can be amended slightly, without loss of compatabiliy, by adding # MYARC to select the Myarc RAM, and # DISK:PC99.DSK (or other disks if registered) to set the nominated disk as DSK1. Exiting using Q takes you back to the PC99 menu and also removes the Myarc RAM configuration.

Suggested fairware donation: $8.00

Available from George Shaw,


Using a network printer

The following information on using a network printer was written by Klaus of Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It was originally found at the URL:


but from 20140928 this link no longer worked. The information is shown below:

Printing with Win NT, Win 2000 and Win XP to a network printer is quite simple.

PC99 disk

This utility provides a Windows interface to selecting and changing the disk files used by PC99. It is written by Wolfgang Bertsch (WBertsch@freenet.de). It is supplied as a zip file. Installation and usage instructions can be found in pc99disk.txt after extracting the zip file.

Download pc99disk.zip

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